Dominic Scott

The Long and Short of it

This lesson sequence uses the visual arts to support students in re-connecting with people in their class and starting to explore emotions post a traumatic/crisis event. The approach outlined also encourages the development of creative dispositional qualities that support positive mental wellbeing.

In this unit, students will explore and experiment with using the visual arts element of line. They will use and describe line in a broad range of ways. Students are able to produce a range of artwork as part of these lessons, both representational and abstract. This work connects with supporting students’ mental wellbeing in the following ways:

  • Using line in artworks to help us name, make sense of and express our emotions; learning from each other how we each respond to this thinking – similarities and differences
  • Engaging in creative thinking activities that ask students to tap into and practice skills also valuable in maintaining positive mental health - risk taking in learning, being open to new ideas and experiences, being empathetic towards themselves and others, collaborating with others, and reflecting on their ideas and emotions.

This unit of work was created by Christa Napier-Robertson.

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