ALL OF THE LESSONS HERE HAVE BEEN WRITTEN BY curriculum experts who understand the potential of the arts to draw students back to learning.

All of the lesson plans have been written specifically to support children’s return to the classroom through the arts. None of them ask children to talk directly or openly about their own experiences or feelings but use fiction and or abstraction to help children think about the changed world and imagine how it might become better. We know and support teachers adapting and changing plans to meet the strengths of the children they teach. Some of the plans, like SUPERPOWER POETRY can be taught in class and on line and there is no reason why it couldn’t be done by the whole whanau at home.

Teaspoon of Light was written and taught as schools reopened after the February 2011 Canterbury earthquake and through the subsequent aftershocks. It has also been taught in Mexico after earthquakes and in Australia after the bush fires in early 2020. It is an excellent first day back activity with children and once slightly modified is an excellent staff activity in the first week.

Lesson Plans


Coming back to the classroom after a long break because the world has changed can be a tricky time for many children. For some it’s really hard to find the words to describe how they feel. Finding safe ways to explore emotions, protecting children so they can risk sharing their worries and concerns and providing some tools to help cope with worries is an important part of settling back into school.

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Drawing of a child sitting under a crying cloud