“ONE RECURRING THEME ACROSS ALL MY STUDIES was that schools are not just places of education but very often, especially in small communities, a hub of their communities. Communities look to schools as places of support and at principals and teachers as people who know what to do (even if that is not how they see themselves).

While the COVID-19 context is new, there are some things we can learn from other on-going and post-disaster contexts. I have tried to adapt the advice for our current situation – but as with all other aspects of our lives at the moment, we can only give it a try to see if it works.”

-Professor Carol Mutch, Education Commissioner for UNESCO New Zealand and researcher in disaster response and recovery at the University of Auckland

Look after yourself and each other

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Getting ready for the return of some students

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When school partially reopens

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Longer term, however that might look

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Family violence and child abuse

Post trauma, the importance of pastoral care becomes more pronounced. COVID-19 has been trying for most of us, but more so for some. Domestic abuse and all forms of family harm have increased, and witnessing or overhearing it happening to someone in their bubble, or being on the receiving end, can have life-long impacts.

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